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Brookfield Assisted Living Facility
Brookfield - quality assisted living care

Brookfield is a 105-bed, non-smoking Adult Assisted Living Healthcare Facility, providing personalized care in a Christian atmosphere. Brookfield has a family-oriented environment where each individual is special. We are located in Lillington approximately three miles from Campbell University.

Brookfield's design is so unique and appealing that you will immediately feel right at home. There are 21 private rooms to accommodate those who desire their own private setting and 42 suite-size rooms with bathrooms specially designed for couples or companions. The home was built in 1992 and expanded in 1996, and has a state-of-the-art smoke and fire protection system. The 1996 addition is protected by a sprinkler system.

Compare us closely and you will find we meet fully the healthcare and retirement needs of the men and women entrusted to us. You and your friends are cordially invited to visit Brookfield and meet our very special people our residents.

Joe and Janet Boone
Brookfield Retirement Center, Inc.


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